Essential oils with heritage

We are a family-owned business that combines a deep-rooted agricultural tradition handed down from generation to generation with a vast and extensive experience servicing the Fragrance, Flavor, Cosmetic and Aromatherapy industry.

The Zalabi Valley, where it all began

Our project was born in the historic Zalabi Valley, a crossroads of cultures where the symbiosis between East and West is as subtle as it is magnificent.

In the foothills of the imposing Sierra Nevada, our crops feed on the essence of the Mediterranean.


Valle del Zalabí, Granada
Red Thyme

Rebirth of a tradition

We are a modern company whose aim is to restore an ancient tradition: the farming and distillation of native aromatic and medicinal plants. Our goal is to restore glory to our region, in the hopes of playing our part in curbing unemployment and depopulation.

Technology at the service of nature

Our team brings an unbeatable level of expertise to our products to provide you with the quality and quantity of essential oils that you need, and always in the safest, most natural and sustainable way.